Throw Back Thursday Song The Dis-reality show with B-Rock . So Official



#ThrowBackThursday song ‘so Official ‘ From B-Rocks CD “Face The Music “. from 2010.., B-Rock With friend Jimmy Beanz, just practicing and having fun…maybe warming up for one of the shows they did at The Loft In poughkeepsie NY….
To catch up on the story, see the drama that caused the pain, that made the songs …WATCH.The Dis-Reality Show with B-Rock.(coming soon)… for the next 2 years on Thursdays we will upload a new old song or lyric video song… dating back 10 years. with lots of B-Rock footage .and is part of the story line of the dis-realty show
The Dis-reality Show with B-rock.coming soon ..first episode 2016 (over 60 episodes) .SUBSCRIBE and witness 10 years of a life & 4 CDs of great music that made B-rock the rapper he is today.. more at

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