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Anonymous message to Cornwall New York PD, The Dis-Reality Show with B-Rock #policeabuse



Anonymous message to Cornwall NY, PD. so many civil right violations were inflicted on B-Rock by the Cornwall PD over the past 10 years.. this is where it stands now , the unraveling of all the crimes they committed against B-Rock.laid out for all to see how they broke the law, how they abused the law….how they tried to suppress the evidence ..and how they further abused B-Rock to cover it up, to try and get away with it….#policeabuse

The Dis-Reality Show Trailer 2, B-Rock



It’s About to get REAL.Very interesting story behind both the Show and the CD’s, you couldn’t make this stuff up! To catch up on the story, …WATCH.The Dis-Reality Show with B-Rock.(coming soon) dating back 10 years. with lots of Live Footage as it happened..
The Dis-reality Show with B-rock.coming soon ..first episode 2017 (over 60 episodes) .SUBSCRIBE and witness and watch as B-Rock Writes/Raps/Records and Recaps the past 10 years of his life…See the Drama and Listen to Pain that made the 5 CDs of great music– that made B-rock the rapper he is today.. more at ..

Blissful B-Rock The Dis Reality Show



#‎ThrowBackThursday song ‘Blissful ‘ From B-Rocks CD Damaged Goods. to catch up on the story, see the drama that caused the pain, that made the songs …WATCH.The Dis-Reality Show with B-Rock.(coming soon)… for the next 2 years on Thursdays we will upload a new old song or lyric video song… dating back 10 years. with lots of B-Rock footage .and is part of the story line of the dis-realty show