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Verbal Abuse Coming Soon!



Parental-Advisory---Explicit-Lyrics- What you are hearing is some of the demos he created for the next two albums “Verbal Abuse” and (unamed Album ) and the Various mix tapes he is working on hes is a writer cant stop him and I cant keep up with him…If want to see B-Rock Through the years go follow the link to his B-Rock Site, lots of videos and pics which will eventually be part of This show.

Hello Rap world!



b-rock is the name rap will never be the same

Welcome to The Dis reality Show With B-Rock. This Site will feature both Episodes and Soundtrack for each season, there are currently 4 seasons that have been recorded and 3 Soundtracks, By sound tracks we mean CD’s, because each season is based on a CD, and each episode come with one of those songs from the CD, (ex) Bipolar Disorder is season one, so the sound track for that is the CD Bipolar Disorder.. listen to new DEMO tracks on the Sound Cloud player

Face The Music New CD On Deck



BSMOKEFollow the Second season and real life events as put down in track like no one else can, B-Rock  had to live it to write about it, Surviving it and  staying as sane a possible is another thing . Face the Music 18 great tracks some demos on sound cloud follow the links while we tidy up here