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This IS A BIG SHOW a lot going on and a well though out plan I will try to break it down as good as I can


There are OPS for cameos as well as bringing in new blood to the show check out our perks and what is going on in the second season below... Skip To the Middle for all Types Of OPS to get on the show


I've been tweaking this trying to add all i can over the past few months i think I’ve said enough..NOW  I JUST NEED TO GET THE EMAIL CAMPAIGN SET UP AND START PROMOTING ..but i do need to get cracking, THIS IS NOT ONLY ABOUT RAISING FUNDS THIS IS ABOUT PROMOTING THE ABUSES OF MENTAL ILLNESS which I will detail throughout the show.



here is a synopsis for those who would just like to contribute ...i am pouring through hours of footage to re mix , the first season "Bipolar Disorder" here is what the part of the first and all of the second season will bring us


The Dis-Reality Show starring B-Rock – a 21 year old Bipolar rapper armed with a witty play on words and a head flooded with stories he cryptically tells through his haunting rhymes. B-rock aspires to become the world’s next best rapper, and no doubt, he's got the talent to accomplish that. However, his dreams are constantly hindered by the abuse of New York's town of Cornwall Police Department. Recorded and Taped over the past 5 years, sit in and witness how this young superstar invents a new genre of rap with his first album “Bipolar Disorder” despite how he has struggled to understand his mental condition, Bipolar Disorder, as well as dealing with the abusive cops in his own town. All too often, this talented young man is on the verge of committing suicide because of the cops trying to lock him up in jail based on false accusations.

      When Sergeant Dixon lies on a police report, then attempts to arrest the father in the court house once he realizes he has to lie on the stand, the drama boils over. Watch the gripping drama of a father and son's struggle to stay alive amidst the corruption and web of lies created by the very authorities that America holds true to its heart.

      In season Two, tune in on a father's fight to expose the corruption and keep his son out of jail, while still promoting his son's music, consoling the souls afflicted by bipolar disorder. Season Two brings the audience up to date, when the action really picks up as B-Rock, Bobby Henriksen tries to record his second album, "Face the Music." Will he get to record Face the Music, or will B-Rock Face the Music? Don't miss out on this action-packed, dramatic storyline as it Plays out in real time..*******Just Finished the season ending Great cliffhanger*******



I need to edit and package over 52 episodes of the show, they can run for over a year straight every week ..and by the time the year ends we will have another season wrapped up


 This is a very well thought out detailed Plan For the show over the next few years, there is so much i had to break it down to 3 separate fundraiser's. if you just like the Bipolar aspect of it and want some one who will put this in the public light and want to donate, i am an advocate that will see this fight through to the end, my conviction and determination, is and will be unmatched because my sons life hangs in the balance and they did this to my family!  if you are a TV professional you will see you will see a geographical and demographical coup, for you Psychiatrist this is a 21 year study of a Bipolar child with chronologically detailed Case study with videos and ,physc,school,police,records.(Also A Good perk)


there is a lot going on in this show so there is a lot to write about! a lot of unique concepts and ideas that will be included in the show....including ways to market it!  it's to much to add all here but i will update this site with more info as well as videos and pics in the gallery, IF WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN BELOW isn't enough! This is a very well laid out plan and i have gotten it this far

Who I Am:

I am Robert Alan Henriksen.  I am a multimedia artist whose work  includes Music, Poetry, Video, and Photography.  This is my intro into Reality TV.  You can see some of my creations and credentials on my many web sites.  All links can be found at ADHD Records and ADHD ENTERTAINMENT.  What I am here for is to push my marketing plan which centers on my artist B-Rock, who also happens to be my son.  Have you ever had to deal with a lot of shit in life?  I have had my share.  I have also learned how to turn those lemons into lemonade.  This has been a 20 -year project.  15 years of it were taken up by me learning first hand about Bipolar Disorder and the last 5 years have been taken up by teaching my kid, (B-Rock),  how to deal with it.  Not only could you not live in his shoes, but try being the father of a bipolar child, but also the father of a genius inside a crazy mind.  This is what I made out of the product I was blessed with and he is lyrically gifted, my resume includes many music videos, songs,photography, and more all can be found at my facebook page under photos which will have all my multi media creations attached to the photos


The Dis-Reality Show was created by me, The (Dis) stands for disability, and as B-rock so eloquently puts it in the songs like "Lost In The World. You don’t know what it's like to walk in his shoes, and you won't,  but when you get through the first season you will wonder how a kid of 15-17 could have foreseen the future of a life not lived yet, while he lived this life of trauma at such an early age and be able to write about it, all before it happened, as if he was looking back on his life at the age of 25.  That's what makes him and his first CD Bipolar Disorder so special.  In 2006, after a stay in the Four Winds Hospital in Westchester NY, at age 15 B-rock came back with the formula for combining his rapping skills with his mental illness.  His first song "I Aint Going By The Rules" was featured in the Wrestling Fanfest 2007 in San Francisco...(see 2 Commercials I Created For the Event In the Gallery) and in the next 2 years he wrote over 50 songs, 18 of which are on the Bipolar Disorder CD which makes up the first season of The Dis Reality Show.  B-Rock is not only rapper he is a crossover artist with a blend of rock, pop, trip hop and ska,.  When you hear these songs,  just picture a 15/16 year old kid with a mental problem.  When you look at some of the footage, you first impression might  be "HUH!" but as you watch B-Rock Rap, that's where it all starts to make sense and you will realize that you are hearing a hit song,  Their are demo episodes up on the site now. which will also be filled with interviews, photo shoots,trips,a look back at Lil B etc.  B-rock writes like Billy Joel and raps like his idols Eminem/ Tupac/Biggie.,

This season is just the primer we had to have this behind us to establish a history to generate an audience for the second season.This will be a Bipolar Music Story,  

 There are several elements to the show.  Here are a few:

The audience will see an up-and-coming Writer/Rapper growing up from the age of 15 and maturing in the studio and in life dealing with his disabilities.

The audience will see very little of me, but in my many roles as a father trying to create the persona of this great rapper and as a professional trying to teach him, as well as market him, as well as try to help him cope and be his psyche.

The audience will also see me as a father, outside of the scope that any father would want, having to protect his son from the ills and ABUSES of the world and the police corruption with which he has unwittingly become involved, at least in the second season.  The audience will also see some parts of his family life(very little), more like a looking back on his problems and how we had to deal with it in a helpful aspect not a drama.

The audience will also get to see, be part of,  and purchase clothes from his fashion line Bweargear,  which we are in the process of creating, as well as the T-Shirt line that we already have which will grow with his own words of wisdom from his songs  

The audience will also get to see all the steps I have taken as the indie record company in promoting him and creating the concept for the album, the cover, the videos the web design, the T-Shirts and the hundreds of other steps that i have taken and things i have created to create a buzz around an artist and see how he developed...THIS FUNDING DRIVE WILL BE INCLUDED ALSO

We are not only selling a show ,we are selling an artist and a CD which could be a million seller as well

This is not only about a rapper this is more about a mental condition as well as the abuse we all suffer, which i am now an advocate for  and will be forever . and this platform will allow me and B-Rock to make a big Difference in the bipolar community, in helping a lot of lives and stopping a lot of future abuses from happening as well as trying to prevent suicide ..with commercials and spots that will air after and in between the episodes, we need your help we can take the fight to them and will..we will be the voice for the millions who suffer in silence


 Watch as the first season of the show. flows into his teenage and trouble years were the  police abuse starts to get more serious  We have lots of  video that will put a picture to the details he sings about ,

And I can assure you,

 the second season will be filled with lots of other drama-filled videos, from what has went on in the past few years, as well as great songs..... you can see some of the Footage we will be using here and see what B-rock looks like now and hear some of the music the new season will contain.  BROCKDAMIC

One might ask, "Where's the drama?"  Well, at first the concept of the show was going to be,"Watch me turn a bipolar kid into the world's best rapper, along with dealing with his bipolar issues.  This is why I taught him how to write; to be able to cope with his problems and to show others who suffer from similar disabilities that a person can succeed and that there is hope for everyone no matter what his or her disability.


Because of all the unforeseen circumstances that we have had to go through over the past 4 years, which have exploded out of control, which is why the show is now filled with all this drama.  We didn't want it, but it is there and we had to include it because it was happening and still is, though we hope we are almost through it. A lot of this was video taped and I can tell you, you have never seen anything like it.  When you see what the system has done to This little kid's life, you will not believe The ABUSES that they were able to get away with it. What they did to him and our family over the years is inconceivable.  By "they," I am speaking of many government agencies -  from the local police (where this all started) all the way up to the secret service.  You, the audience, will see what they did and what I had to do to save my son.


  That is the element that will make the second season explosive and the third season even more so.  We are not done with this and it will spill over to the third season, like a cliffhanger and I am not done fighting for justice for my son.  You can only imagine what I have done to them already Knocking them down a few levels close to reality  CORNWALL  FORUM By the fourth season, which will be recorded late next year, there will be court cases and lots more drama, but the story will be interwoven


into each episode of the new season (the second season). Later this year, B-Rock will begin recording his second CD, "Face the Music," which will also be the soundtrack for the second season of the B-Rock Dis- Reality Show, which will give us footage showing how B-Rock has changed since the first season.  When the first season is re-edited a lot of where the drama started will be included into the first season of the show.  So it will connect a lot easier to the second season, since this show was created in hindsight two years after the first CD Bipolar Disorder was recorded. This is also the reason that we are ahead of the game, already having the second season practically done, all we have to do is get to the studio to records a few more songs.i think we recorded 10 so far,  Every season is just based on the album that he records, so if we can record two albums in 2012, we will have a third season also.  As the dilemmas fade, we will still be in the studios, doing gigs, and on tour -  so there are at least 3 seasons of material that we already have and 3 more that we will record in the next few years.    .







If there is a disability Civil rights Lawyer out there who would like to get involved in this. some one with Balls not afraid to take on the system if there weren't afraid to to this to a little kid i don't want to show them no mercy and I'll put it out there for the world to see who they are ..Email Me With the subject DISABILITY LAWYER FOR DIS REALITY SHOW


The second season will probably start off in Stevens old Studio, we already recorded a few songs last year,and then we went to another studio because he moved, and will probably use other studios as well, maybe go to NYC or if there are any Recording Studios interested in recording B-Rock and become part of the Dis Reality show  Feel free to inquire Here EMAIL US WITH THE SUBJECT LINE  DIS REALITY STUDIO TIME


We are also looking to work with any Producers who know how to mix down sound we did pretty good at Steve's studio  but we aren't producers we would love to find someone maybe Dr Dre.who B-Rock loves but not likely , but B-Rock has a great sound better than any one on the radio today he just need someone to mix down if there are any Producers  who are interested in producing B-Rock Second CD "Face the Music" and be on the Dis Reality show EMAIL US WITH THE SUBJECT LINE  DIS REALITY PRODUCER


we would also like to team up B-Rock with a few more Rappers, maybe even a side kick, he worked with a few friends already , but he would like to write and Produce an artist as well as rap with other artist,  if you are interested in being on the Dis-Reality show  EMAIL US  WITH THE SUBJECT LINE DIS REALITY RAPPER


we also have many videos written for the songs from both seasons many which are to much for me to handle so if there are any Video companies that would be interested in making a music video for B-rock and being on the dis reality show EMAIL US HERE WITH THE SUBJECT LINE DIS REALITY VIDEOS


we also welcome any Beat makers who want to contribute some beats for B-Rock to write to, he can write to just about anything and style EMAIL US WITH THE SUBJECT DIS REALITY BEAT MAKER  


We are also looking for an Agent Manager to assist B-Rock  if you are interested in taking over my job and being on the Dis reality show  EMAIL US WITH THE SUBJECT LINE DIS REALITY SHOW AGENT


we are also looking  for a Tour Manger B-Rock has over 50 songs that are done and can rock any crowd he's a cross over act Rock or Rap even beatnick jazzy trip hop crowd and we would like to do a  local east coast tour with a more established artist I already a a few different set list of 4 different 45 minute shows for an opening act that will blow anyone away... if interested  EMAIL US WITH THE SUBJECT LINE DIS REALITY TOUR ..IN THE END  MY IDEA IS TO PUT HIM ON THE BIPOLAR DISORDER WORLD TOUR PROMOTING HIS CD AND BECOMING THE POSTER CHILD AND PUTTING BIPOLAR IN THE HEADLINES,


we could also use a Photographer to get some better pics of B-Rock if you are interested in this  EMAIL US WITH THE SUBJECT LINE DIS REALITY PHOTOGRAPHY .


if you are a Model and would like to get involved in one of these photo shoots send your link and send us an EMAIL WITH SUBJECT MODEL FOR DIS REALITY


We are also trying to put together a Band for B-Rock  he can do it solo but i think a band behind him will allow him to grow as an artist and ad to a live show when he goes on tour as well as make better videos and stage shows,which i have already created out of a few sets of his songs,  if you are in the NYC area and want to submit you portfolio EMAIL US WITH THE SUBJECT LINE  DIS REALITY MODELS


We are also looking for A Fashionista and Investors to help in the marketing of his merchandising of B=Rocks T-Shirts Posters Hats, and other things that i have created for him that are developed more in the works and i need someone to take over this task for me as well EMAIL US WITH THE SUBJECT LINE BWEARGEAR  FOR  DIS REALITY


OK last but not least are we getting the picture yet one other thing is a Dance Teacher not really to teach  him to dance because that not who he is more to teach him interpitation  of his words and body movement on the stage to the song he is singing he's not to bad now but what he can learn from a pro  wont hurt EMAIL US WITH THE SUBJECT LINE CHOREOGRAPHY FOR DIS REALITY



MORE upcoming MUSIC news


B-Rock has already written 2 songs  he would like to do with other artist one song with Little Jon 1/w Fat Joe.


B-Rock is also working on MIX Tape with about 10 songs over a half hour of music ,which he will release on the Internet before Face The Music


B-Rock is also working on a few Dance songs  cause Rap and Dance are 2 different things but combine a rapper with a dance song and you can perform at dance clubs like the palladium, 2 songs include "I like it Straight" "Shawty Wanna Get Next To Me" which you can see and hear at his site


with Bipolar disorder having 18 tracks we might just make "Face The Music" have 18 track also he has about 80 completed tracks we will see what 18 make the cut


 as you can see there are so many ways that the show can go and the seasons can change an other episodes that can be added this year next year as B-Rock the artist grows. I have created all these options around him and every thing will fall into place ,  its really a team effort that benefits everyone involved not just B-Rock, but most importantly the bipolar community


 The Dis-Reality show could start off as a web series to promote the TV series.because i feel we can reach more people and take advantage of my Internet presence..and other the social networks out there .this is a dual promotional plan one to promote the Show but also Promote the Artist and his CD Bipolar Disorder.




Team members,

The team members so far are Steven Raleigh,(LWR PRODUCTION studio), Bobby Henriksen (AKA) B-Rock...Jennifer Migeal ( graphic designer), i have just hooked up with all around editor Sean O'halloran  to help with the new seasons video editing and re-branding of The Dis Reality Show, up until now i have did everything my self



The Impact

I think the impact will be far reaching  in the music field.  I believe it will open the doors to a new kind of rap ,because B-rock combines urban tales and his mental problems so eloquently.

More importantly, I see it as having an even greater impact on helping others to understand bipolar disorder.  Mental illness effects us all and is color blind.   B-Rock's lyrics demonstrate the genius inside of a crazy mind. In his lyrics, B-Rock is able to break down the barriers to understanding mental illness.  There could only be one person to be the poster child for adolescent Bipolar Disorder and I believe that because B-Rock is unafraid to write about what it is like to be Bipolar that B-Rock is that person. I think he could put mental illness and Bipolar on the map in the headlines so that millions of others could get help and realize that they are not alone.  Mental illness is a serious thing, and too many people are killing themselves,  as well as ending up in jail.  Most are teenagers who feel just like B-Rock feels.  If you head over to his page to give a listen, find "End of the Rope," "After Traumatization," "The Crazy Song," and "Lost in the World."  Just listen to the lyrics and tell me how many of you haven't felt this way before or still feel this way now? and Realize that these songs were written by a 15/16 year old kid.


So,  regardless of whether the show gets picked up nationally, it will still be in production with every song B-Rock records and Every CD he releases.  I will continue to create the episodes and to create our own station because the show is more about the lyrical content that makes up his bipolar world and the life he has had to live because of it. every gig he does,  and all the drama of his life.  This is really the beginning,


B-Rock has already written enough songs for 3 seasons which is 3 CD's.  That is the concept.  Now, by the time he gets to record those CDs,  the life he has been living will be part of the show.  The show will depict the life he is living during the time he is recording.  B-Rock is 20,  so in the next 3 years there will be over 100 episodes taped with songs he has already written and by the time he is 23,  he will have written at least another 3 CD's to records probably more, and that would be over a 100 more episodes being recorded so in 3 years he will have close to or over 200 episodes and 6 seasons worth of drama. as it stands that's like a new show airing every 2 weeks for a full year and that is the songs that make the cut to be on the CD ,we still have 10 songs(episodes)that didn't make Bipolar Disorder.




We also have a BROCKUMENTRY IN THE WORKS.  B-Rock and I are working on his life story for a movie,  as well as a book.  I don't believe in suffering for nothing.  If I could help others deal with their problems and they can learn a little, then i didn't suffer for nothing and neither did B, and that was the whole idea behind teaching B-rock to write.  It was to help him cope with his problems and so other people can listen to how he feels and say, "Wow, I feel that way too,"  and so that they can realize that they are not alone.


i also as a father have been working on my own book about 100 pages so far about all the pit falls and things we have had to go through , and my solutions to a lot of these and what to watch for and solution to combat the illness as signs of what to look for its not  a fun life for anyone believe you me



What We Need & What You Get


I think I can pull this off with 10 thousand dollars, because its a complete package that just need the pros to get this off the ground and market it on the web.  With less,  i will still manage.  With more, I will stretch it as far as i can.  I am very frugal with money.  I don't waste it! i have put together the show myself over a few years.  What i'll need the funds for is to hire professionals to help me take it to the next level! Obtaining this funding will allow me to spend my money on the studio time needed to record the second season, "Face The Music" and to fund the CD and design the covers, as well as the T-Shirts,  etc.  In doing so, I will be creating and generating more footage for the second season of the show and even this is part of the show.  Some of the perks I will give to donors might be a Cameo on the show.  Other donors will get ads featured on the web site as sponsors of the show.  The highest donors will also get options to ad a commercial after the webisodes. This is what i need and why i need it! (at least 4000 plus -  per function):to obtain these services for the year, plus other promotional material for a street and club promotion, we are promoting and TV show and an Artist


1) a video editor  to recreate the first season episodes that I created and re-brand them with a new intro, outro, credits, etc. and several commercials to shop around.


2) I need to hire a very ultra professional to build a web site to promote the series and the artist simultaneously and joined seamlessly, including blog, gallery and all connections to other content that i have created for B-Rock. put on a dedicated server to host all the music and videos streaming


3)most of all I need the SEO pro to help me market the show on the web.  I know the audience is very broad and diverse demographically and geographically.  I have several of my own marketing plans that focus on the 4 elements of the show.  I need to hire a company for a year + contract to market the show, the web site, and commercials and tie them in to and take advantage of the 10 million people i get a year from all my other sites that is a very diverse audience  


plus post cards, supplies, CD's to give away etc,  to promote the show around NYC


....EXTRA EXTRA ...If we raise more money than we need, THAT WOULD BE GREAT,  then it will go into artists to set up more T-shirts like the ones you see i have created.  I have about 30 more. I just cant churn them out as fast as he writes.also to create more hats and posters of those same shirts hopefully the show can  generate funds by selling these shirt . ,


extra monies will also be used on more advertising on social network because that is where the audience is, and maybe go towards the second season,THE MORE WE RAISE THE MORE I CAN DO PERIOD


EXTRA EXTRA.. we will also try to get some of the Pharmaceutical companies to sponsor the show,you know hawk there pills that's the audience they want and some of these pills do work its just finding the right pill for the right person


Other Ways You Can Help


if you are on the web or web savvy and want to help out that would be appreciated.  Also, like us on facebook, google , blogs, twitter, myspace, mental health blogs.  Use the share button here, etc.  to help me promote this show.  You will be doing a service to the bipolar community also, and anyone who helps will get their name permanently added to my donor pages,,, and a shout out on the B-Rock and the Dis Reality websites.




I'm outta breath



The perks below are not donations, you get items for Supporting us and help build the show. Cd's/T-shirts/Hats/Postcards/A Cameo/Producer Credit/An Interview/etc as well as your name in text as a sponsor to show your support for the Mental illness cause..


$10 Medication Donation

Buy B-Rocks CD B 4 His Prescription runs out ...A B-Rock Digital Download of the Soundtrack Bipolar Disorder CD 18 tracks, A very Big thank you on our special page of the Dis Reality show website..



$25 manic depression Session

A Signed Dis Reality show post card sent to you, A B-Rock Digital Download of the Soundtrack Bipolar Disorder CD and a very Big thank you on our special page of the Dis Reality show website



$50 Obsessive Compulsive Donation

Satisfy your OCD you keep donating and B-Rock will keep get A B-rock Hat,A Signed Dis reality show post card sent to you, A B-Rock Bipolar Disorder CD and a very Big thank you on our special page of the Dis Reality show website, shipping included...




You get A  Banner AD on our sponsor page that will last forever, A B-Rock Hat,A Signed Dis Reality show post card sent to you, A B-Rock Bipolar Disorder CD and a very Big thank you on our special page of the Dis Reality show website



$100 A Fan Man

You get A B-rock T-Shirt Of Your Choice. featuring his words of Wisdom,A B-Rock Hat,A Signed Dis Reality show post card sent to you, A B-Rock Bipolar Disorder CD and a very Big thank you on our special page of the Dis Reality show website



$250 Bipolar Buddy

A Banner Ad on our sponsor page for the first season of the Dis Reality show A Signed Picture Of B-Rock , A B-Rock Hat,A Signed Dis Reality show post card sent to you,A B-rock T-Shirt Of Your Choice. featuring his words of Wisdom, A B-Rock Bipolar Disorder CD and a very Big thank you on our special page of the Dis Reality show website



$500 Bipolar High Roller

Lunch with B-rock at Planet Hollywood in ......NEW YORK....(Cameo)footage will be taken and used in the show of the second season, A Banner Ad on our sponsor page for the first season of the Dis Reality show A Signed Picture Of B-Rock ,A B-Rock Hat,A Signed Dis Reality show post card sent to you,A B-rock T-Shirt Of Your Choice. featuring his words of Wisdom, A B-Rock Bipolar Disorder CD and a very Big thank you on our special page of the Dis Reality show website. NYC Planet Hollywood) only 4 available



$1,000 Ex Producer

You  Get Credits as a sponsor on the Outro of the First Season shows on the web, A half page Banner Ad on our sponsor page for the first season of the Dis Reality show.A Signed Picture Of B-Rock ,A B-Rock Hat,A Signed Dis Reality show post card sent to you,A B-rock T-Shirt Of Your Choice. featuring his words of Wisdom, A B-Rock Bipolar Disorder CD and a very Big thank you on our special page of the Dis Reality show website only 5 availible




1 ON 1 WITH B-ROCK,to claim this only 1, first you must read all you see here, then listen to the CD Bipolar Disorder 3 times and read the lyrics,then read the blog, how did a 15/16 year old have premonitions of how his life would be 5 years later,if you really want to get inside the mind of an abused Bipolar person who has suffered all these abuses, this will be a captivating interview,on drug use, on meds, on police abuse,,and much more all is on the table , and this will be in the show only 1 available



$5,000 Best Friend

B-Rock Will Perform at your party, footage will be taken and used in the show of the 2nd and 3rd season,(first buyer gets choice) A Banner Ad on our sponsor page for the first season of the Dis Reality show,A Signed Picture Of B-Rock ,A B-Rock Hat,A Signed Dis Reality show post card sent to you,A B-rock T-Shirt Of Your Choice. featuring his words of Wisdom, A B-Rock Bipolar Disorder CD and a very Big thank you on our special page of the Dis Reality show website ,MUST BE IN NYC,OR NJ OR CT only 2 available




$20,000 Case Study For A Phyc Mag/Phyc Org

Yes 21 years of videos, from the minute B-Rock was born, 120 hrs including Graphic stuff, don't believe in telling half truths, access to full school records,pre school , elementary, middle,high school, (where the  onset got worse) Boces, College, All info & advocacy we had to go through to fight at schools, The all police abuses and reports & CPS, psych & hosp records as well as incidents that added trauma to his bipolar, access to all of us,& our Books you cant imagine what else we have been through this show is only one part of the past 2 years we have had to endure. All of this info is chronologically in order i am very through in arranging it .... 2 are avail,always get a second opinion



because pay pal only limits 10 thousand. You will have to EMAIL ME    


There will be Several types of ad space which will only last a year.

1)text ad size 14 font/with your biz name and hyperlink....

2)a small gif 90x90 pix....

3)a gif size 300 x 300 with link.....

4)a normal size Banner ad 460x70/ with link ....

For any special request advertisements Such as on the show ending or credits EMAIL US  there are 50 sites I own connected to this site in my portal,over 50 thousand back links/look at my snap shot of one of my sites elyricsite traffic CLICK HERE..

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